Modern Logo, IW Initials


This elegant and modern logo of two letters can be used as a wedding monogram, a business logo (see terms of use), or a monogram for personal use. The high-quality files allow you to re-size your logo to any desired size, without losing image resolution.

The monogram files are prepared to work very well for

  • print and web
  • embossing
  • engraving
  • wax stamps
  • foil stamping
  • laser cut wood or metal
  • converting into embroidery format
  • light projection and more!
    What you'll receive

    Your monogram files will be delivered to your email inbox in the form of digital downloads. You will receive your monogram in black and gold as a

    • JPG file
    • PNG file with a transparent background
    • vector PDF file, which can be re-sized to as large or small as needed without the monogram losing quality.

    A written and video tutorial is provided with instructions on how to change the color of your monogram. You can view the video HERE.

    Note for wedding use: your vendor just needs your monogram in black. They themselves will apply your desired color.

    Terms of use

    Guidelines for personal use such as for your wedding, your home décor, ect.

    • Unlimited use in personal projects and events
    • You may modify the monogram to suit your requirements.

    Guidelines for service providers such as wedding planners, invitation designers, embroidery service providers and other monogramming vendors.
    • Unlimited use with a single client. Please purchase again if a new client needs the same monogram.
    • You may modify the monogram to suit your client’s requirements.
    • Monogram must be purchased first even if you plan to create a hand-painted rendition of it.

    Guidelines for small business owners.

    • If you want to use this monogram as your business logo you may. However, keep in mind that this monogram is sold more than once.
    • You may not trademark this monogram logo.


    • You may not trademark the monogram
    • You may not use the monogram as part of a product that is for sale or distribution without my permission (please contact me).
    • You may not share, distribute, sub-license, resell, or rent the monogram.
    • You may not use a purchased monogram with more than one client.


    Always purchase a monogram first before using the design in your work. This includes hand-painted renditions of the monogram (as commonly used for invitation design, painted champagne bottles). Without purchasing first, reproduction of my monograms in any way is an act of copyright infringement which may result in me taking legal action.


    For answers to commonly asked questions please visit the FAQ page.


    Use this free guide to help you get your monogram added to wedding details such as ring box, napkins, guest book, the bar and more! (P.S. for wedding planners too!)

    what customers say
    what customers say
    This item was so lovely, and the directions given to customize it were simple and easy to follow! Well worth the price and the customer service was great! I will be using this for my wedding and future stationery, etc.
    — Danielle Wilson
    what customers say
    We LOVE this monogram! We have already started using it on everything. The instructions come with it and are super easy to use.
    — Ryan Engelman
    wedding logo on dance floor band stage monogram by Elegant Quill
    what customers say
    Have enjoyed personalizing and using with other vendors. Exactly what I wanted!!
    — Kari Akini
    what customers say
    This will be the monogram on our wedding invitations. So elegant and beautiful!
    — Carla Heer
    what customers say
    Love, Love, Love your simple and elegant wedding initials!
    — Lisa Bailey

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