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quill with calligraphy on envelopes

From Quill to Computer

Each monogram in my shop has originated from either a hand lettered pencil illustration or calligraphy quill and ink lettering. Once digitized, the initials have been digitally put together to create an interlocking monogram design. Thus, these monograms are not based on a font. Each design is a unique union of hand lettered initials.

A message from the designer

Thank you for visiting Elegant Quill,

my creative outlet and business. My love of letters began in college, where I studied graphic design, calligraphy and lettering.

Eventually I ended up coordinating weddings and events, designing wedding invitations and luxe wedding signage. Working in the wedding industry showed me the importance of details. It was the small details which made a wedding memorable and different from all the rest.

Elegant Quill formed into a monogram design studio when I decided to work from home while raising my children. I wanted to provide elegant and readily accessible monograms to couples who desired to personalize their wedding details.

Today it gives me great joy to have clients all over the world and see how they brand their wedding or business with one of my designs. How the monogram is used is up to one's imagination and that is where the real magic happens!

In my shop I hope you find a monogram that you love and create something beautiful with it!


Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This item was so lovely, and the directions given to customize it were simple and easy to follow! Well worth the price and the customer service was great! I will be using this for my wedding and future stationery, etc.
— Danielle Wilson
Customer reviews
We LOVE this monogram! We have already started using it on everything. The instructions come with it and are super easy to use.
— Ryan Engelman
wedding logo on dance floor band stage monogram by Elegant Quill
Customer reviews
Have enjoyed personalizing and using with other vendors. Exactly what I wanted!!
— Kari Akini
Customer reviews
This will be the monogram on our wedding invitations. So elegant and beautiful!
— Carla Heer
Customer reviews
Love, Love, Love your simple and elegant wedding initials!
— Lisa Bailey

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