Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly will I get when I purchase a monogram?

Monograms are delivered as digital files straight to your inbox. You will receive your monogram as a JPG, a PNG file with a transparent background, and a vector PDF file which can be re-sized to as large or small as needed without the monogram losing quality. Monograms are provided in black and gold. Instructions are included on how to change the color.

Can I change the size and color of my monogram?

Yes! The monogram .PDF file is a vector file so you can make it as small or large without losing any quality. Instructions for re-coloring are included with your download. Note for wedding users: monogramming vendors just need your monogram in black. They themselves will change the color to whatever you need it to be.

Do you have a list of wedding monogramming vendors?

Yes! You can get my free vendor directory HERE

Can I order a custom monogram?

I'm very sorry, but at this time I cannot take on custom requests.

Which fonts match the monograms?

The letters of all the monograms were hand drawn, so there is no one font that matches the letters exactly (I'm working on it)... The closest match for the script letters would be Edwardian Script or Palace Script. You can use any serif font such as Times New Roman or Garamond to match the uppercase serif letters.

Are your monograms available in embroidery format?

Currently, no. However, I highly recommend the company ZDigitizing to digitize your monogram into embroidery format. Their work is great and they are very affordable.

What is the refund policy?

Our refund policy can be found HERE