My favorite way to incorporate the monogram into wedding details is by using wax seals. Not only do they look elegant, they also are very versatile. Besides sealing envelopes, you can add your wax seals to your invitations, place cards, table numbers, menus, and favor boxes. Here’s how you can create monogram wax seals to decorate your little wedding details.

gold monogrammed wax seal on wedding menugold wax seal with monogram on wedding favors

Image sources: papiradesign / stylemepretty

Step 1: Get a monogram

First, you’ll need a monogram or wedding logo. If you don’t already have a monogram design take a look inside my monogram shop. You just might find the perfect monogram for you!

Step 2: Order custom wax seals

I recommend getting your wax seals at Artisaire. They accept custom artwork (your monogram or logo) and offer many wax colors to choose from. You have two options of how you'd like to go about getting wax seals from them.

Option 1: Custom stamp and wax

One way is to purchase a custom wax stamp and make your own wax seals directly on the surface you're using. This option is best suited for when the wax is needed to hold things together (such as to attach ribbon to paper or seal envelopes).

monogram crest wax seal on wedding invitation ribbonmonogram wax seal on envelope

Image sources: marthastewart

Option 2: Premade wax seals

Another way is to purchase premade wax seals with an adhesive backing. Artisaire can provide you premade wax seals with your custom monogram. This option is best for when the wax seals do not serve any purpose, except for decoration (such as a decorative element on place cards or table numbers).

monogram wax seal on wedding place cardstable number with gold calligraphy and wax seal

Image sources: marthastewart / oneandonlypaper

As you can see, wax seals are extremely versatile and can make a beautiful addition to your wedding details, especially when personalized with your monogram or wedding logo. I hope this inspires and helps you with your wedding planning. If you’d like more inspiration and vendor recommendations for monogramming please grab our free resource guide below!

free monogramming vendor directory

My favorite vendors for monogramming wedding details

Use this free guide to help you get your monogram added to wedding details such as napkins, ring box, guest book, the bar and more! (P.S. for wedding planners too!)

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