Imagine walking down the aisle on a beautifully monogrammed aisle runner. Quite an exquisite way to make an entrance, right? Well let me show you how you can create such an entrance with your own custom aisle runner.

outdoor wedding aisle runner with monogram crest designhand painted monogram crest on wedding aisle runner

Image sources: bellethemagazine / shannonwellington

Step 1: Get a monogram

First, you’ll need a monogram or wedding logo. If you don’t already have a monogram design take a look inside my monogram shop. You just might find the perfect monogram for you!

Step 2: Order your aisle runner

For a monogrammed aisle runner we recommend either Original Runners or Designing the Aisle. Both companies have a team of amazingly talented artists who will actually hand paint your monogram onto your runner. Yes, they will actually hand paint your monogram onto their fabric runners. Talk about craftmanship! They make their runners out of nonslip fabric that works for both indoor and outdoor ceremony sites.

monogrammed aisle runner for church weddingmonogrammed aisle runner for church wedding ceremony

Image sources: brides / southernweddings

Though a monogrammed aisle runner is a little bigger investment it is definitely something to consider if you want your ceremony site to look more impressive and bespoke. I hope you find this inspiring and helpful for your wedding planning. If you'd like more inspiration and vendor recommendations for monogramming please grab our free guide below!

free monogramming vendor directory

My favorite vendors for monogramming wedding details

Use this free guide to help you get your monogram added to wedding details such as napkins, ring box, guest book, the bar and more! (P.S. for wedding planners too!)

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