Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest for wedding inspiration, saw a monogrammed dance floor, and thought to yourself "wow, that's beautiful, but way out of my budget." Well, come in a little closer 'cause I'll whisper a little secret to you: it's actually not as difficult to create nor expensive as you might think! Let me show you how to create a bespoke looking dance floor within a reasonable budget.

monogrammed dance floor with gold monogram and wreathwedding couple walking across gold monogrammed dance floor

Step 1: Get a monogram

First, you’ll need a monogram or wedding logo. If you don’t already have a monogram design take a look inside my monogram shop. You just might find the perfect monogram for you!

Step 2: Print your monogram as a vinyl decal

Second, you'll need to get your monogram printed and cut as a vinyl decal. For decals I recommend the company Sticky Life. I like them because their quality and prices are great, and they can print large sized decals. Make sure you select the option "cut-to-shape" and "with transfer tape."

For the best look we recommend that the monogram covers 1/3 - 1/4 of the dance floor area, so specify the size accordingly. If this ends up being larger than what the decal provider offers they will split the design onto two or more sheets. You can get a 50"x50" sized decal for just under $200. Not that bad, right?!

Step 3: Apply decal to your dance floor

For a complete tutorial of how to best apply the decal you can view Sticky Life's instructional video. When the wedding festivities are over you can easily remove the monogram decal without it leaving any residue.

monogrammed dance floor with wedding crestwedding couple dancing on monogrammed dance floor

Image sources: caratsandcake / insideweddings

So there you go! As you can see, getting a monogrammed dance floor is not that difficult to achieve. For a little extra cost you can make your wedding look more bespoke and luxe. I hope this inspires and helps you in your wedding planning. If you'd like more inspiration and vendor recommendations for monogramming please grab our free guide below!

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My favorite vendors for monogramming wedding details

Use this free guide to help you get your monogram added to wedding details such as napkins, ring box, guest book, the bar and more! (P.S. for wedding planners too!)

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